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Janete Oliveira - FDA

Added by Janete Oliveira • Last updated July 11, 2024
Type: People
Topic: General (PCHF); Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCHF); Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs); Preventive Controls (PCs); Food Safety Plan; General (PSR); Produce Safety Rule (PSR); Worker Health, Hygiene & Training; Soil Amendments; Wildlife, Domestic Animals & Land Use; Ag Water (Preharvest); Ag Water (Postharvest); Postharvest Handling & Sanitation; Food Safety Plans; Record Keeping; Traceability
State: MO

Consumer Safety Officer with the FDA for the last 16 years. Areas of expertise include produce safety, manufactured food safety, and dietary supplements.

Risk Prioritization Tool for Agricultural Water

Added by Don Stoeckel • Last updated July 10, 2024
Author: Don Stoeckel, Annalisa Hultberg, and Phil Tocco
Type: Case Study; Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP); Tools & Calculators; Videos
Topic: Ag Water (Preharvest); Produce Safety Rule (PSR)

The risk prioritization tool was created as an educational tool to support farm decision making about how to protect water quality and mitigate risk to produce safety when growing produce crops.

Assessing Wildlife and Animal Contamination - Decision Support Tool for Grower Adoption of Food Safety Practices

Added by Anna Loewald • Last updated July 9, 2024
Author: Anna Loewald
Type: Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP); Tools & Calculators
Topic: Wildlife, Domestic Animals & Land Use; Produce Safety Rule (PSR)
State: VT

This is an online interactive tool designed to help growers make risk-based decisions when planning food safety practices related to having animals in their field and the potential for fecal contamination of raw produce.

Most Popular

FSPCA Food Safety Plan Template

Added by Virginia Jaquish • Last updated February 11, 2020
Author: FSPCA
Type: Add-on / Supplemental Educational Material; Tools & Calculators
Topic: Preventive Controls (PCs); Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCHF)

This Food Safety Plan template is modeled after forms developed for the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food curriculum, and can be modified to reflect the need of individual establishment needs.

Food Safety Resources for Food Hubs - Sample Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Added by Thais Ramos • Last updated March 3, 2022
Author: Dr. Erin DiCaprio, Gwenaël Engelskirchen, Dr. Thais Ramos, Dr. Alda Pires
Type: Add-on / Supplemental Educational Material
Topic: General (PCHF); Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCHF); Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
State: CA

Food hubs & FSMA The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), a federal law enacted in 2011, contains seven sections which apply to different areas of the food supply chain. The section most likely to pertain to food hubs applies to facilities that manufacture, pack, and/or hold human food, and is called the “Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-Based Preventive...

FSMA Human Food Audit Checklist

Added by NCR FSMA • Last updated September 19, 2023
Type: Guidance - Federal; Tools & Calculators
Topic: General (PCHF); Preventive Controls for Human Foods (PCHF)

This Checklist will help you organize your materials and assess your current food safety preparedness for processing human food. The Checklist is NOT itself a plan.