National Water Quality Testing Labs Map

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Farms covered under the FSMA Produce Safety Rule must test their agricultural water using a method approved by the FDA. The goal of this map is to help produce growers locate a lab that is geographically close to their location and has the capability to perform at least one of these approved test methods. All the information included in this map has been confirmed by the lab so a grower can be confident that the lab can perform the test needed AND that the lab has received information about the testing methods required under the Produce Safety Rule.  For lab information, click on the individual pin within the regional map. There is also a PDF below with all the labs listed, by state, along with what tests they perform and contact information. This PDF is an export of all the data found on the interactive map.

If you would like to help expand this resource by sharing with labs, please encourage them to complete the necessary survey (link below), and confirm their contact information, operating hours, and testing capabilities. Labs are only added to the map after providing this information. This map is constantly being managed and updated.

Map direct link:

Lab survey direct link:

NECAFS staff created this national water testing labs map according to the protocol established by Michigan State University.  NECAFS worked directly with partners in each state to contact every lab and confirm the information conveyed on this map.



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