AFDO - Guidance for Interpretation of Approved Source as it relates to Retail Food Establishments and the Produce Safety Rule

Added by Brenda Morris • Last updated January 24, 2023
Author: AFDO Produce Committee
Type: Fact Sheets
Topic: General (PSR), Produce Safety Rule (PSR)
Language: English

This guidance document was a collaborative effort between the AFDO Produce Committee and FDA.  This document provides guidance for state and local retail food jurisdictions when considering an approved food source.  The 2017 Food Code provides a definition of "approved" which has been a source of confusion at retail.  This document helps to provide clarity for both retail food jurisdictions and produce regulatory authorities. 



Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Website
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Topic: General (PSR); Produce Safety Rule (PSR); Worker Health, Hygiene & Training; Soil Amendments; Wildlife, Domestic Animals & Land Use; Ag Water (Preharvest); Ag Water (Postharvest); Postharvest Handling & Sanitation; Food Safety Plans