Are you covered under the Produce Safety Rule?

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Author: Cristy Dice
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The PSA Grower Training does not go into detail on helping farmers understand if they are covered under the Produce Safety Rule or if they qualify for any exemptions. This add-on exercise goes into detail on who is covered, the exemptions from the Rule and the exemption requirements. This exercise can be done before module 1 so that farmers understand how the Produce Safety Rule applies to them. The approach is that even if farmers are exempt, food safety is important for everyone and this training will provide best practices along with what the Produce Safety Rule entails. It is important for all farmers to understand the Produce Safety Rule so if their business changes to where they are covered by the Rule, they will be prepared. There are two parts to this add-on exercise: the PowerPoint presentation and a worksheet for the farmer to fill out as the presentation is delivered. Farmers should be provided a printed copy of the worksheet. 

This resource was created for Colorado, but other states can modify the materials to include their own logos or state specific produce safety requirements (like registration). 

Keywords: Produce Safety Rule coverage, Produce Safety Rule exemptions, Modified exemption, Commercial processing exemption, Modified exemption requirements



Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Website
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