Community Accreditation for Produce Safety to Meet the Needs of Small and Mid-size Farms

Added by Vernon Grubinger • Last updated June 3, 2024
Author: Vernon Grubinger
Type: Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP)

This project builds on a successful nine-year-old, multi-state food safety education and outreach program called Community Accreditation for Produce Safety that helps small and mid-size farms in the Northeast adopt practices consistent with the Food Safety Modernization Act. The goal of this project is to develop education materials, deliver in-person and online trainings, and provide individual technical assistance to farms with limited financial and management resources to support their adoption of low-cost, scale-appropriate produce safety and employee management practices. Anticipated results include: 12 new educational materials are produced, 60 farms write produce safety plans and 45 become CAPS accredited; 600 farmers attend 24 educational events, 300 farmers report gaining knowledge; 150 farms receive technical assistance, 100 farms report adopting new produce safety practices.