Creation of Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse Content Catalogs to Improve Access and Shared Knowledge

Added by Elizabeth Newbold • Last updated June 3, 2024
Author: Elizabeth Newbold
Type: Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP)

This collaborative project serves a critical need to improve the Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse search and content display functions to support tailored food safety content access nationally. This project leverages the Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety&s (NECAFS) existing Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse (the Clearinghouse) and adds new and novel work to develop improved search and content display features designed to address current search function deficiencies identified through evaluation of Google Analytics user data. To do this new work, first, the project team will complete a comprehensive review of the Clearinghouse&s Google Analytics data to identify the top user experience (UX) and information delivery needs. This user data will tell us where users are successful in finding resources on the Clearinghouse and where users are unsuccessful in finding resources because of insufficient search functionality or content display. Then, NECAFS will conduct a literature review to guide informational design and will develop content display of educational resources. This review and development will 1.) build an understanding of on-line self-learning pedagogy as it relates to the content display of resource catalogs and 2.) review existing Clearinghouse resources to incorporate them into a needs-driven information taxonomy. Finally, the user experience and information design changes will be incorporated into the Clearinghouse and shared through NECAFS regional center activities. Improved search and content display functionality will enhance stakeholder access to educational materials and improve fundamental knowledge in support of those impacted by the Food Safety Modernization Act.