Developing a Hazards and Controls Guide to Support Safe Seaweed Production and Marketing

Added by Michael Ciaramella • Last updated June 6, 2024
Author: Michael Ciaramella
Type: Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP)
State: NY
Language: English

A major hurdle to the development and growth of a domestic seaweed industry is the lack of guidance on potential hazards associated with seaweeds and seaweed products and how they can be controlled. The development of a new hazards and controls guide that focuses on all relevant process, sanitation, supply chain, and radiological controls is a crucial next step in creating an effective training that results in the development and implementation of effective food safety programs to bring value-added seaweed products to market as food. This Collaborative, Education, and Training project seeks to address all three of the program&s strategic goals by creating opportunities and clarity around safely bringing seaweed to market. This can increase resilience among existing producers through diversification of production and provide new opportunities for economically disadvantaged communities.Goals and supporting objectives 1. Create guidance on potential food safety hazards related to seaweed products and controls to ensure safety. • Compile existing seaweed food safety information into a guide that will outline known potential hazards and control measures. 2. Create educational opportunities for industry, agencies, and the public. • Coordinate webinars and/or conference sessions on different seaweed food safety topics.A literature and resource review will be conducted to identify the known potential seaweed related food safety hazards. Each hazard will be described and potential controls for preventing them outlined in the guide. Throughout the award period the project team will host public webinars to present and share the findings and showcase the newly developed resource.