Hmong - FSMA Produce Safety Rule - Txoj cai tu qoob loo kom nyab xeeb yuav tswj koj daim teb li cas

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Author: Annalisa Hultberg
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Topic: General (PSR), Produce Safety Rule (PSR)
Language: Hmong

This is a Hmong - language video that covers questions about whether a farm is covered by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule regulation. This seven-minute video from University of Minnesota Extension covers the basic exemptions and exclusions from the Produce Safety Rule, definitions of food, qualified end user, inflation adjusted cut-off values, rarely consumed raw, processing exemptions and more. It includes a graphical flow-chart to walk users through understanding if and how the PSR applies to their farm.  Use this video to provide an overview of the exemptions and exclusions and coverage status to growers anytime or use during module 1 of a Grower Training as a tool to help growers understand their status.



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