Multi-Modal Dairy Food Safety Plan Education to Support Small and Medium Dairy Producers

Added by Samuel Alcaine • Last updated June 3, 2024
Author: Samuel Alcaine
Type: Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP)

Consumer interest in artisanal dairy products, like fluid milk, cheese ice cream, and yogurt, continues to increase across the country. While this demand has led to the growth of large number of small and medium size dairy businesses, many are resource limited and may lack the capital and technical expertise to implement robust food safety programs. Foodborne outbreaks continue to be associated with some artisan dairy products, and this highlights the need to ensure that effective and accessible food safety education programs are available.Many programs, like the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Foods, provide a forum to understand regulations and the basic food safety plan concepts, but many small dairy producers find it challenging to develop and implement food safety plans compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).Furthermore, due to the wide distribution of small dairy producers, access to classes is often limited by geography, time, and cost.Our goal is to execute a multi-modal food safety plan education program that leverages synchronous and asynchronous content, in both virtual and in-person platforms, to deliver an affordable, customizable program that delivers engaging, food safety education support wherever a dairy producer may reside. This program will build upon the learnings and collaborative educator network built through our previous, national dairy food safety coaching workshop series.This program will create a new educational platform that supports small dairy producers in their efforts to develop and implement food safety plans and produce safe, wholesome products for US consumers.