Produce Tracking, Traceability and Recordkeeping

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This project aimed to improve produce tracking and traceability on Vermont farms by reviewing functional requirements for produce record keeping (including FSMA PSR requirements), reviewing available solutions, and developing two tailored near term solutions. The project page includes the final project report, videos, and links to developed solutions.Following a survey of growers and buyers, a review produce safety rules and training materials was conducted to summarize record keeping requirements associated with tracking and traceability. The project team reviewed commercially available software solutions related to produce tracking and traceability. Unfortunately, based on our review we found that there were no strong options for commercially available software systems that support the anticipated needs of produce tracking among Vermont’s small- and medium-sized farms in the face of the FSMA PSR. The project plan was adjusted mid-term to adapt to the need for development of appropriate near-term solutions. The project has successfully developed prototype record keeping systems according to this re-plan. A set of Google™ Sheets have been developed to allow easy capture of required records on any device. Additionally, a new Produce Safety module has been developed for FarmOS. The two approaches have also been developed to integrate with each other using comma-separated-variable (CSV) format data import and export.



Records Required by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule
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