Records Required by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule and Editable Templates

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Author: K. Woods, D. Pahl, D. Stoeckel, B. Fick, G. Wall, and E.A. Bihn
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Topic: Record Keeping, Produce Safety Rule (PSR)
Language: English, Spanish

The FSMA Produce Safety Rule (PSR) requires a few specific records. This publication summarizes the provisions requiring records and includes template records to help establish records to meet FSMA PSR requirements. Growers may want or need to keep additional records to ensure that required practices are being carried out correctly, to meet buyer requirements, and/or participate in a third party audit. Other documentation, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), may be helpful to support the implementation of practices on the farm.

Editable templates include:

- Qualified Exemption Review

- Worker Training Record

- Agricultural Water System Inspection Record

- Water Treatment Monitoring Record

- Compost Treatment Record

- Cleaning and Sanitizing Record



Records Required by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule
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