Visual Aids on Chemical Safety for lu Mien farmers

Added by Eric Spring • Last updated February 14, 2020
Author: International Rescue Committee
Type: Poster
Language: English, lu Mien

As part of a USDA funded Food Safety Outreach Project, the International Rescue Committee in Sacramento produced customized educational content on food safety for marginalized groups of farmers. These posters are a three part set on the topic of chemical safety that were created specifically for lu Mien commercial farmers. These visual aids are designed for installation on the farm and where chemicals are stored, to serve as visual cues or reminders that complement an in-person chemical safety training.  These posters cover three topics: one is reminder for farmers on the requirements and proper methods for storing chemicals on the farm; another serves as a reminder for farmers to keep comprehensive records of each chemical application on their farm as required by state and federal law; and the last serves as an reminder for farmers on how to read chemical labels and select the correct chemicals.