Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety: Fostering Collaboration through Continued Food Safety Education and Stakeholder Support

Added by Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety • Last updated June 3, 2024
Author: Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety
Type: Project (Food Safety Outreach Program - FSOP)

The proposed Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety (WRCEFS) project will continue to foster collaboration in food safety education and stakeholder support of FSMA implementation through the multi-regional and multi-institutional infrastructure established in the U.S. Western Region. To accomplish this, we will expand WRCEFS networks to include additional participants from land-grant universities, Alaska Native-Serving, Native Hawaiian-Serving, and Hispanic-Serving Agricultural Institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations from 13 western states and two Pacific territories. Through specific objectives WRECFS will: 1) Support the development of regional food safety education and outreach opportunities for food safety trainers and food industry stakeholders; 2) Coordinatea regional communication strategy to foster collaboration, and ongoing discussions regarding common food safety concerns and best practices; 3) Collaboratewith other regions and regional stakeholders to supportthe development of modified and supplemental resources for food safety trainings, and to facilitate peer review of developed resources; and 5) Evaluate the impact of education and training activities in the Western Region through ongoing program assessment.